A Brief Introduction

Hi there!

Welcome to my page. I am Vancouver-based writer that enjoys learning new things and discussing current events.

As a university student completing my bachelors in Communications, I work independently on my pieces. I have a keen interest in writing about what's going on in the news today, social affairs, popular culture and student life. I publish my stories on VO1SS Media, an international non-profit news company that organizes student-led clubs in UBC and SFU. While I work on getting my degree, I have also been fortunate enough to volunteer for a charitable organization in Vancouver, working on digital marketing and Communications.

The more that I learn about journalism and the type of news that we consume today, the more that I understand how important it is to provide a voice that is fair for all communities. As a writer, I also want the opportunity to tell a fuller story about particular issues affecting certain groups.

Growing up in an immigrant household, learning more than two languages, and looking up to different role models who have created a positive impact in the world - in any way, shape or form - ignited my passion to succeed by giving back to the community through storytelling and creating content.

Thank you for showing interest by exploring my portfolio! Here I have gathered my projects that include pieces that are meaningful to me, as well as editorials that I have worked on since my senior year in highschool. If you're interested in collaborating, click the '@' symbol on the left and right sides of the page - lets connect!


Feel free to check out my small collection of articles!